We’re Forging Ahead!

First let me assure you we are moving forwards not actually forging a head. We tried to forge a bust of Trump but it lacked realism as we have yet to master the art of pouring a hollow head.

 We are moving a bit faster than I thought we might. We already have some graphics and social media set up and should be able to have a mix of original and imported content soon. Check back often and you can watch the changes as the site grows and evolves over days and weeks .

Our highly motivated and energetic staff often moves about, completing the golden triangle of motivational site management (couch to bathroom to fridge then of course back to couch) many times daily. We’re hoping with proper training and perks to be able to upgrade to a golden square by introducing a beverage cooler as soon as possible!



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Michigan First Midwest State Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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