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MAGA Hat Teen Speaks Out Amid Death Threats To Trible Elder

The Kentucky teenager at the center of a media circus has spoken out after receiving death threats over a widely misreported incident with an Obama tribal elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. “I am the student in the video who was confronted by the Native American protester,” reads a statement by Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School junior who was initially accused of taunting the drum-beating activist, prominent activistRead More

Michigan First Midwest State Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Aaron Kesel | Michigan has become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational use of marijuana, allowing citizens at least 21 years of age to light up and toke. The law is set to take effect on December 6th this week. In the Nov. 6th election, voters endorsed legalizing the use of recreational cannabis (Proposal One) by adults who are at least 21 years old, similar to current alcohol laws. So far, eleven statesRead More

New Study: Cities Will Soon Face Up to Six Climate Disasters at Once

One-at-a-time disasters fueled by a rapidly warming planet have become common in recent years- deadly wildfires in California are just one example- new research shows that by century’s end the new normal could be cities and states facing multiple extreme climate events at once. Researchers at the University of Hawaii found that without keeping the warming of the planet below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, major cities like New York, Sydney, and Rio deRead More

We’re Forging Ahead!

First let me assure you we are moving forwards not actually forging a head. We tried to forge a bust of Trump but it lacked realism as we have yet to master the art of pouring a hollow head.  We are moving a bit faster than I thought we might. We already have some graphics and social media set up and should be able to have a mix of original and imported content soon. CheckRead More

New test post

Bigger, faster, better and stronger than the old test post! Posts and test posts like this are the path to the future of our civilization and planet. we will not saddle our test posts with the stigma of utility and obsolescence but allow them to flourish and live on forever in the halls of infamy.

A Different Title

Here is the spaghetti man, he keeps tomato sauce in his can. Here he roams the land with his cans. He is unsure what to do with his cans, for he has no plans.

Blog Post Title

What goes into a blog post? Redundant questions for one! Cliche’s and logical fallacies are sometimes included along with a dash of rumor and innuendo for “spice”.