Attack on Titan Season 2

If you’ve never seen Attack on Titan you’re missing out on a great TV series. Big time! This action packed anime will have you on the edge of your seat while at the same time taking you on a emotional roller coaster. With its action packed story and its relation to real life this makes it the perfect show. For someone who loves a action packed show with a great story line, good character backstories,…

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"Attack on Titan Season 2"


Bottlesmoker: an Indonesian Electronic Duo that lives by the Internet Jennie Rose Halperin February 1, 2017 Indonesian electronic duo Bottlesmoker has been making DIY, “open source” music since 2005. Founding members Angkuy and Nobie are the brains behind this rebellious, alternative project, blending and bending genre and expectation through their uncompromising approach. Their music is fun, danceable, and truly a product of the internet – a “let’s do it together” collaborative approach to music making…


Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed

This weekend, Cards Against Humanity purchased an ad during the Super Bowl, the most-watched American television broadcast of the year, reaching 114.4 million viewers.   Cards Against Humanity is known as an innovator in the games space, and we saw an opportunity to apply our unique brand of “outside the box” thinking to the old-fashioned world of Super Bowl commercials. While we succeeded creatively, the advertisement showed a disappointing return on investment ($0), and we…

"Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed"