Healthcare House of Cards

Salvaging the ACA may be like trying to save a poorly built house but your healthcare shouldn’t depend on propping up a shaky house of very expensive cards while playing an endless game of Three Card Monty. Say you bought a very bad house from a guy named Dan Nate Cooper (DNC); The roof leaks, the paint peels and the plumbing drips, on top of that you have to pay a private contractor a monthly…

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"Healthcare House of Cards"

DNC Keeps Cash

Ahead of Chair Vote, DNC Fails to Reinstate Obama-era Rule Banning Lobbying Cash Before the voting could get underway at a DNC meeting held in Atlanta over who should head the party structure as chairperson, members of the DNC had to first decide whether or not they would reinstate Obama-era rules which barred the party from accepting money from lobbyists. After contentious debate, the party ultimately elected against reinstating…

"DNC Keeps Cash"

Democrats Look to Sanders

Embattled Democrats Look To Bernie Sanders To Save Them Senators like Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer are terrified that they could face the same kind of backlash that Republicans are facing during meetings with their constituents, so they’ve devised a plan to avoid it: They’ll just ask Bernie Sanders to tell people not to protest. Good luck with that. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses…

"Democrats Look to Sanders"