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At this snap shot in time we are deep in the learning curve and the site surely reflects this. The test area is real and not just an incredibly lifelike simulation. You’ll likely see a lot of things come and go; We do but aren’t always sure why they go or where they came from.

We’re posting a few third party stories here and a bit of original content as we tighten up the nuts and bolts and go through the tedious process of ferreting out relevant content sources whose material is within our budgetary constraints. For the sake of clarity “budgetary constraints” means that if we reduced the amount we can afford to pay per article by five cents the author would have to pay us five cents for publishing it.

But let’s not focus on the negatives. Despite our lack of journalistic, web development, social media and graphic art skills as well as a lack of funding we are experts in some things not on that list. We just consider knowing things like how may M&M’s fit in a human nostril or why turtles don’t roll away if they mate on a hill to be knowledge looking for a web application.

We’ll have more progressive news and other stories soon. We know this and feel encouraged after consulting a fortune cookie from a Trump hotel which informed us that: “Things will work out bigly, My wall will be bigger than one where this cookie was made, everything will be huge, tremendously huge.” and that our lucky number was in vault 7. Surely that must be a portent of success.

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