Attack on Titan Season 2

If you’ve never seen Attack on Titan you’re missing out on a great TV series. Big time! This action packed anime will have you on the edge of your seat while at the same time taking you on a emotional roller coaster. With its action packed story and its relation to real life this makes it the perfect show. For someone who loves a action packed show with a great story line, good character backstories, amazing animation, and realistic characters.

As many of us die hard Attack on Titan fans know, season 2 has been scheduled to release on April 1st 2017. They (the creators of this wonderful Anime.) have released both the season 2 opening and new artwork. We can safely say that Eren will be fighting the Armored Titan (what an epic battle awaits!) This can bee seen at the bottom of the photo below.

Whats going to happen in season 2? Well we know that Eren will be fighting the Armored Titan. I have this odd feeling that Krista will be a big part of this season I noticed that Krista would be a great main character but she isn’t…yet.

After watching the season 2 preview it looks like they’re going to release a new abnormal titan that has never been seen before, the Beast Titan. While most titans take on the Average male human appearance this one is different. It takes on a male human appearance with a bit of gorilla in it. A big mystery to me is the fact that in the preview it stated that “Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this entire time.” All this aside, whats in store for Annie? Will she stay in a block of ice for hundreds of years or will something happen to break her out and cause chaos inside the walls?

All the new information that we have about season 2 leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I can’t wait to watch it! It looks like it will be as good, or better than the first season. It will be coming out on April 1st so sadly we all have to wait until then to see what will happens in the next season of Attack on Titan.

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