It’s About Time!

We’re stumbling toward success at a rapid rate! Today we make our historic first (real) post and It’s one small step for IA and one giant leap for overly large folks who are trying to climb over their coffee table or milk crate to click another tab.

We’re still laboring to overcome the many technical obstacles that lay between us and development of the site, like the alphabet soup of computer coding such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA and others whose cryptic letters seem untranslatable into the English language.

Some solutions have required  an enormous amount of thought and new hardware. One example may be storage. How and where do you store the quantity of tasty yet nutritionally worthless snack food  it takes to provide high quality news in a attractive format online? We’ve spent almost $3.95 on our state of the art doughnut repository and plan to soon layout another $1.07 for a pencil sharpener to upgrade the equipment to store maple bars, cupcakes and other hole-less pastries.

 Despite these obstacles our highly motivated and enthusiastic staff is vigorously pushing forward to to overcome any obstruction to our completion efforts. Even those above or beyond the length of our “reach’n stick”. They barely have time to eat a Cheeto between Twinkies! We’re racing lethargically towards the finish line!

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