Free Pudding for Everybody!

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    Hey there another post to try out.

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    What goes into a blog post? Redundant questions for one! Cliche’s and logical fallacies are sometimes included along with a dash of rumor and innuendoRead More

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Free pudding for everybody!

L A T E S T   P O S T S



Stark angular tables and cold uncomfortable chairs are the key to our success!

Those are some uncomfortable chairs! They’re so cold you have to put a tea candle under them so you won’t freeze to the seat.

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How Poor Are We?

We’re so poor we couldn’t afford a picture of an I-Pad! Enjoy this picture while it’s here, it’s a rental and has to be back next week.

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Someone Else’s Stuff

Whoever you are you should get your stuff.  Animals are nesting in the wicker basket and the blanket smells like a disturbing combination of Old Spice and Virginia ham.

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We’re Confused

Not only are we confused but more than usual! We’re not sure what this is or why it’s here. Some think it’s an alien toadstool others believe it’s what Frank Loyd Wright would design if he ate some Peyote. We may never know for certain.


Next Steps…

Remain calm. There is no reason to panic, most of you will fit in the lifeboat if we have to ditch.  Let’s Just pass the time chatting: Does anyone have a hobby like flying commercial airliners?

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